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Make steps towards your ideal life

Join us in our quest toward freedom, transparency and community. We started in the markets of Ibiza with the goal of sharing our natural, healthy drink with the world.

For all those who desire a less artificial, less polluted world, we provide a boost to choose freely and conscientiously.

A drink that urges action and inspires people to take stock of what they truly need in their lives. Natural, ecological ingredients that help you to give your very best, providing you with the vitality you need to continue your day.

We exist in order to promote a lifestyle in accordance with what our body and our planet need.

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Meet Mark

VedrÀ Kombucha founder

Mark started brewing in California in 2009

In 2013 he moved to Ibiza and sold kombucha in street markets in San Juan, San Rafael and San Miguel.

Now he a growing team of kombucheros, and a big desire to share organic kombucha made using traditional techniques


We believe that the quality of our ingredients is crucial to making the best and most natural kombucha possible. That's why we only use fresh, whole ingredients in our brewing process, unlike many other kombucha brands that rely on artificial flavor concentrates and syrups.

Our commitment to using only fresh ingredients means that our kombucha is bursting with natural flavors and aromas that can only come from the real thing. We source our ingredients from local farmers whenever possible and carefully select each one for its unique taste and nutritional properties.

Living foods have the power to strengthen and protect our bodies and health

Drink Vedrà Kombucha today and enjoy this uniquely refreshing energy from our 100% raw kombucha, made on the beautiful island of Ibiza since 2013


Crafting genuine kombucha can be challenging, and while shortcuts may simplify the process, it's best to take pride in delivering high-quality products to the world.

We pledge to keep producing some of the finest all-natural kombucha for both you and our lovely community.

Vedrà Kombucha

Love from Ibiza

Three-weeks of 100% natural fermentation create delightfully refreshing bubbles that help encourage responsible nutrition and healthy eating habits. We seek to strengthen our inner and outer world with the lowest-calorie, most authentic kombucha. We have been sharing it with locals on Ibiza for 10 years.

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