Finding Our Way

Our story begins with a thirst for change and a desire to dive into a new stage of life. We needed to shift gears and approach our life journey in a new way. We found the recipe, and our balance, on the island of Ibiza.
Founder Mark pouring Kombucha

California Dream

A professional skateboarder and health enthusiast living in California, Mark was introduced to kombucha by a friend and was immediately fascinated by its taste and health benefits. He started brewing kombucha in his kitchen and became obsessed with the process. He was known for his homemade kombucha and was always happy to share it with friends and anyone who was interested.

Mark decided to take a break from the busy life in California and travel to Ibiza in 2013. He was drawn to the island's laid-back lifestyle and beautiful beaches. Kombucha was not yet popular in Ibiza and he saw an opportunity to share his passion with locals.

He started by selling his kombucha in small markets and local events. His kombucha quickly became popular and Mark was approached by several small businesses interested in selling his product. He then started a small company based on sustainability and the highest-quality standards of production. He wanted to create a product that not only tasted great, but was also good for the environment and the health of the community. The company was called Tea of Life Kombucha®.

old mark selling kombucha

The company grew rapidly. Mark set up a small production facility and started sourcing the best ingredients from local farmers. He also started experimenting with different flavors and ingredients and soon his kombucha spread to many outlets around the island.

His brand is now called Vedrà Kombucha and it is based on the principles of sustainability, well-being, and environmental responsibility. He uses recycled materials for packaging, has implemented a strict waste reduction program, and supports local farmers and producers. His kombucha is not only a delicious drink, but also a product that people can feel good about consuming.

Mark is a dedicated father who tries to balance his work and personal life. He enjoys spending time with family and loves to skateboard whenever he can.

New Names

All our old brand names of kombucha





Future Kombucha or Space Kombucha

Deciding to rebrand as Vedrà Kombucha

Tea of Life Kombucha grows and spreads

Yerbucha is born on the island of Ibiza

Maybe we'll change to "Kombucha of the Universe"... just to keep it interesting. But for now we're happy to offer our delicious, healthy drink to the people of Ibiza and beyond.

With kombucha exploding in popularity, we want a name that explains that our kombucha is crafted and produced on our beautiful home of Ibiza.

Not many people knew about kombucha, so the new name was meant to emphasize the health benefits of kombucha and (we think) helpe educate people.

Mark started the brand with the idea of creating an organic kombucha, and the name Yerbucha was a nod to one of our main ingredients: yerba mate.

Our team in Ibiza is vital in creating some of the world's best kombucha. Their dedication and hard work have made this project a success. Many people have been involved over the last 10 years, and we couldn't have done it without them. As for the photo, it's not the best but don't worry we'll have a better one soon! Cheers to our amazing team:)